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Chocolate. Glorious Glorious Chocolate.

When Fahim and I left New Zealand in July 2011, we stopped over in Singapore for a…

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The Many Faces of Fahim

Right. So this GIF was created automatically using Google+'s magic. And I shared the photo publically on…

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Now tell me what these two have in common

First, we have: And then we have: Tell me. What DO they have in common, dear reader?…

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Leonard Nimoy and Auckland – What do they have in common?

Watch the video first. Then look at the picture. And tell me what you figure out. 😀

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A Room With A View

Auckland is an amazingly beautiful place to live. Beautiful views, clean air, next to no litter in…

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Birds, Birds, Birds

While we didn't have as many birds in Auckland as we did in Sri Lanka, we still…

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Life in Auckland, New Zealand – the Early Days

We were in New Zealand for close to half a year. During that time, we were in…

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A new adventure in New Zealand

From New Zealand Fahim and I arrived in New Zealand last on the 28th of February. By…

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Our View

We landed in Auckland, New Zealand. The weather? Not pass-out-from-the-heat hot. Pleasant. Not too warm, not too…

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Where in the world are Fahim and Laurie?

Image via Wikipedia Fahim and I have a new adventure happening. We’re flying off – theoretically, at…

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…And Then There Was the Rackspace Saga…

So I mentioned the awful awful awful service we’ve received from Fahim and I decided that,…

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The SLHost Saga

Fahim and I have had a VPS – virtual private server – with for a while….

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Lettuce Be Happy

On the left is what a head of lettuce normally looks like here. 🙁 On the right…

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Experimenting with Macros without a Macro Lens

I came across this article on Photojojo about using your existing lens and turning it around to…

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Bang! Pop!! Crackle!!! Fire!!!!

Bang! Pop! Crackle crackle sizzle! Bang! Crackle crackle crackle! Those were the sounds that hit my ears…

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Baby Jumbu!

Jumbu, or as Fahim insists, Jambu, is a fruit that grows here. This is a picture of…

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Hot Off the Presses! Photos of Chameleon Sex!

I spot one of my garden chameleons on the jambu tree, where he normally perches. … Honestly, my first thought was “hmm, he’s getting lunch”, even though I didn’t think lizards ate other lizards. … Then, a second or two later – cuz, yes, they really were that fast – separated, although that took a couple of seconds, too.

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White-Rumped Munias Building a Nest

There’s been the makings of a nest between the eavestroughing and the house since as long as I’ve lived here, which is over three years. Until now, I’ve seen no activity involving it – no birds coming and going, no building, nothing. … Squatters or no, I’m glad they’ve taken over the vacant space. 🙂 These pictures are taken from the end of February.

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Project #365 Day 194 – Green and Black

I played with colour and light, and upped the black intensity in combination with getting as close as I could to the palm leaf.

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Ice Cream Trishaw

Most of you probably have ice cream trucks or bicycles where you live. i’m thinking probably trucks. Here, it’s mostly trishaws. Same general principle…

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Project #365 Day 193 – Green Blobs, Yellow Speckles, and Splashes of Red

I’ve mentioned before that we have a few croton plants in our garden. I love them – they’re colourful and interesting to look at, methinks, and even lovelier after a good rain. 🙂 I hope you enjoy looking at my crotons as much as I have. 🙂

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A Squirrel Is A-Frolickin’

He must have broken free from his travelling circus where he works on the tightrope. … Because, honestly, other than ants or other bugs on the bark, what could the squirrel possibly be interested in? … Apparently, he’s had enough of me snapping his picture.

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Flowers! Flowers!! Flowers!!! Ixora!!!!

These flowers are ixora, which I learned just recently from Krishna Mohan in a comment he left…

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Project #365 Day 192 – Papaya Leaf

This is a papaya leaf from the volunteer papaya tree growing in our front yard. We still don’t know whether it’s a boy plant, a girl plant, or a bisexual/hermaphrodite plant.

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Jasmine Blooming

A month and a half back, Fahim and I were returning home when we saw this truck. … Cuz I really don’t think we’re in an alternate universe right now, you know? As it turns out, we got our answer when the car we were in passed the truck.