A new adventure in New Zealand

From New Zealand
Fahim and I arrived in New Zealand last on the 28th of February. By the time we reached the serviced apartment we'd arranged before we'd left Sri Lanka, it was the early hours of the 1st of March. Mere days ago. So why and how did we end up in New Zealand?

About a year ago, Fahim and I were discussing where in the world we wanted to live. We'd looked into the middle east, like Dubai for example, but there, the only way to stay in the country legally is to be there on a work permit where you work for another company. And, as soon as the job is over, we'd have to leave the country. There are no provisions for permanent residency and acquiring citizenship, so at best, it would be a temporary situation. We didn't want that.

We looked around at other countries, seeing what the possibilities were. New Zealand came up. No surprise – it was a country that we'd discussed before we even got married. 🙂 So I researched New Zealand further and saw that we had two good options. One was to come over as a skilled migrant, but again, that would mean Fahim working as an employee for someone else's company. Or we could come over on a long term business visa, start our own business, and have a life here on the terms we preferred.

I spent the next six months or so working on the business plan, which ended up being around 320-350 pages long. Really really long, I know. 🙂

In my defense, that includes well over 200 pages of financial projections, market research, and other supporting documentation. Still, quite thorough, which I figured was necessary since we were depending on it to, you know, emigrate to a whole other country that had no other reason to let us in. 🙂

Apparently, it worked. 🙂

How long will we stay? It depends. Does the business work as well as we believe it will, as well as the market research seems to indicate it can? Then most  likely for the rest of our lives. This is the preferable option. Or does it flop? We're really hoping for successful. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “A new adventure in New Zealand

  1. w00t for New Zealand! I saw you were moving & never caught up to see where. Glad you are somewhere you want to be. I know we have another move in us – I just don’t know where that’ll will take us.

  2. All the best I hope the business you two are planning to set up in New Zealand starts off well and continues to grow better with time and lasts forever.Switching countries is a big decision and a difficult move. Hope everything works in your favor.
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    Find out where you are likely to setup home.

  3. I knew you as quidscribis, and I’ve missed you on the SniderBoard! It’s fun to read your blog and catch up on what you’ve been doing.

  4. Hi Momma Snider! Thanks for touching base. 🙂

    I wasn’t sure I was entirely welcome there after a few comments, so I took a break. Maybe it’s time I came back and checked it out. 🙂

  5. Kevin, it’s obvious that you’re a first timer here and didn’t do a lot of reading. I’ve been married to my husband, Fahim, a Sri Lankan citizen for the last eight years. And we came to New Zealand on the long term business visa as stated in the blog post above.

  6. So have you got married and migrated to New Zealand?? Do share us which method did you adopted to shift here, do share as it will be very helpful for all of us here..

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