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Chameleons in my yard!

I do love the chameleons in my yard in Sri Lanka. Living in Singapore, I don't have…

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More scenes from a Buddhist temple

Even more photographs taken at the same Buddhist temple.

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Scenes from a Buddhist Temple

These are more photos taken at that same Buddhist temple.

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Scenes at a Buddhist Temple

These pictures were taken back in 2004 when my sister and her family were in Colombo, Sri…

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Yeah. We have a lot of wildlife in Sri Lanka. A lot. Some of it, I love….

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Neighborhood Monkeys

One of my favouritest things about Sri Lanka… Having neighborhood monkeys. Purple face langurs, aka purple faced…

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Life in Auckland, New Zealand – the Early Days

We were in New Zealand for close to half a year. During that time, we were in…

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And It Begins . . .

How to start this blog? It's an odd adventure, in a way, and it isn't a typical…