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Dragon fruit for the win!


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Kurunegala Sunday Market

Waaaaaay back in July 2010, Fahim and I along with his sibs and their families and Fahim's…

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Peeling Garlic

Garlic is one of my favorite things to cook with. 🙂 This particular batch of garlic is…

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Baby Jumbu!

Jumbu, or as Fahim insists, Jambu, is a fruit that grows here. This is a picture of…

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Project #365 Day 99 – Jambu Fruit

The jambu fruit on our tree has been ripe for picking the last few days, and there’s…

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Project #365 Day 93 – Blushing Jambu

This is unripe jambu fruit still on the tree. I was doing my Project 365 posts over…

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Project #365 Day 91 That’s a full basket you’re carrying on your head, sir.

I took this photo when we were waiting for traffic to move in downtown Colombo. This man…

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Project #365 Day 79 The Bee and the Jambu Flower Blossom

The bees and other pollinating insects have been buzzing around the jambu tree for the last couple…

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Project #365 Day 77 Jambu Flower Blossoms

The jambu fruit are growing – it’s that time of year. 🙂 The jambu erupt into blossoms,…

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Project #365 Day 64 Baby Jambu

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Project #365 Day 60 Jambu!

Which I’ve also seen spelled as jumbu and jumboo and a bunch of other ways. But Fahim…

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So*. One suggestion that came from a forum where I’d posted about this was to catch the…

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Dead Veggies

You remember me belleeakin’ about how Fahim likes his veggies cooked to the point of dead and…

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Shark Meat

I cooked shark meat today. It was pretty interesting. It’s very tender, very white meat, with not…

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Curried Chicken and Pink Vegetables

Lunch was Chicken Curry Chicken Curry chicken, enough for two people for two meals 1 1/2 teaspoons…

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I have a few photos to share with you, and they’re pretty much completely unrelated from each…