Me-blue-111x125Walking the World is about wherever we, Laurie (that's me, a Canadian) and Fahim (that's my husband, a Sri Lankan) live or travel. Together, we lived in Sri Lanka for eight-ish years with a half year in New Zealand and now in Singapore since early 2012.

It all started back in 2003 when I moved to Colombo, Sri Lanka to meet and marry my husband, Fahim Farook. Fahim is the  man I met on the Internet and then married in jaw-dropping fashion. We lived in what Americans and Canadians would call the suburbs, sort of, but it's really not the same. At all. It's very close to jungle, and in fact, jungle still fights the good fight at taking over the land. In Sri Lanka, there were neighborhood, as in strays or wandering at will, birds, cats, dogs, goats, cows, lizards (I'm talking about ones up to five or seven feet long), and monkeys (purple faced langurs).  We had a family of monitor lizards living in on our roof in one house, and in another, a palm civet living in the ceiling. Until it fell through the ceiling, which is a whole other story… Well, let's just say it's been an interesting life. :)

New Zealand didn't have the wildlife that Sri Lanka had. Weirdly, I ended up missing it. New Zealand was nice, cooler climate, not sweat-every-minute-of-every-day hot. We were there in Auckland for the beginning of what they consider winter. Which, let's be fair, has nothing on winters in the northern parts of Canada, but was still a refreshing change from the heat of Sri Lanka. We loved the sheer variety of cuisines on offer and the incredible quality of lamb and produce, some which I didn't recognize. We loved the public transportation system, which meant we could get around very easily for fairly cheap. We loved the view from our serviced apartment in Auckland's CBD and, after we moved to an apartment in Newmarket, we loved the symphonies that happened from apartments around us.

Singapore, while still Asian, is also a bit more westernized. Efficient. Polite. Ordered. And very much still Asian. Lots of Malays, Chinese, Tamils, and expats here. Grocery shopping is another adventure with all sorts of produce I don't recognize with names that are phonetic spellings in English of Chinese names. Or Malay. And I frequently buy produce that I don't recognize and figure out what to do with it later. We can get black chickens and deer meat and all sorts of Indian food – we live near Little India. We come across Hello Kitty and Angry Birds biscuits and toys and candy and such. And public transportation here is a dream. Except during rush hour when you really have to wonder exactly how you're actually going to fit on that train.

The husband, Fahim Farook, and I own our own business, RookSoft Pte Ltd., a mobile app development company. You know the apps you get for your iPhone, iPad, Android Galaxy Tab, Android phones, and other smart devices? Yeah, that stuff. :) The husband, Fahim, is the CEO and programmer/head honcho.

I'm also a geek who enjoys reading science and technology news. Not that I understand the science behind everything, but really, it's for the geek factor. Because, yes, Virginia, I am a geek. :P

Back in Canada, I worked for many years as an accountant, the last nine running my own business. In Sri Lanka, I worked as a freelance writer and editor, but also took up writing science fiction & fantasy.  Mostly novels, but some shorter fiction as well.  And for no good reason at all, I also occasionally write haikus. While living in Sri Lanka, the haikus were usually about the monsoon rains, cows, or other such things. I have a thing for cows.  :)

And I tend to tweet about all of the above and then some, depending on my fancy. If you want to know more about me, you can visit my sites. And Fahim's. :)

  • Chilli & Chocolate – my food blog. Because, yes, I'm a foodie, too. :) Featuring wild yeast (sourdough) bread, Sri Lankan cuisine, lots of sweets, chocolate galore, and lots of other experiments. :)
  • Peregrinas, my writing blog. Science fiction and fantasy, both short and long. Freelance writing and editing. Blogging and Twitter. Geekery.
  • Laurie and Fahim, the love story behind why I moved to Sri Lanka. And you really are advised to sit down when you start reading this.
  • Solipsistic Meanderings, blog and site belonging to my husband, Fahim Farook.
  • RookSoft Ltd., our business venture. Mobile applications development, including iOS (for iPhones and iPads), Android, and so on.
  • Pink Zombie Studios, an offshoot of our business that includes the mobile apps Fahim's developed.
  • Monster iOS, Fahim's iOS book that features Dave the Dev and his posse of monsters.

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