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Me-blue-111x125Howdy! I’m Laurie Ashton Farook and I’ll be your, er… Wait…

A Bit About Me…

I’m a Canadian married to a Sri Lankan. I’m a former accountant, although some habits die hard. I’ve been called a Kitchen Witch, a title I wear with pride. I’m a red-head by choice. And I write. Mostly science fiction and fantasy. Because, you know what? It’s fun and I like it. 😀

Want to find me elsewhere on the Internet?

Looking for one of my sites?

  • Walking the World – adventures in life and travel wherever Fahim and I end up. So far, we’ve lived in Colombo, Sri Lanka; Auckland, New Zealand; Singapore; and Johor Bahru, Malaysia together.
  • Peregrinas, my writing blog. Science fiction and fantasy, both short and long. Freelance writing and editing. Blogging and Twitter. Geekery.
  • Chilli & Chocolate – my food blog. Because, yes, I’m a foodie, too. 🙂 Featuring wild yeast (sourdough) bread, Sri Lankan cuisine, lots of sweets, chocolate galore, and lots of other experiments. 🙂
  • Solipsistic Meanderings, blog and site belonging to my husband, Fahim Farook.
  • RookSoft Ltd., our business venture. Mobile applications development, including iOS (for iPhones and iPads), Android, and so on.
  • Pink Zombie Studios, an offshoot of our business that includes the mobile apps Fahim’s developed.
  • Monster iOS, Fahim’s iOS book that features Dave the Dev and his posse of monsters.

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  1. So, totally random story as to how I came to contact you after so many years but I'll save it for a more private email. Would love to catch you up to the current status of the family. Hope to hear from you soon!? 

    Your roommate from "back in the day",


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