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Lettuce Be Happy

On the left is what a head of lettuce normally looks like here. 🙁 On the right…

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Ice Cream Trishaw

Most of you probably have ice cream trucks or bicycles where you live. i’m thinking probably trucks. Here, it’s mostly trishaws. Same general principle…

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Project #365 Day 74 Woven Goods For Sale

This photo was taken on the road between Colombo and Kurunegala from out of a moving car,…

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Shops and Stalls and Open-Air Markets

It’s true, I’m easily confused. 🙂 Here’s another confusion for me. Why would soft toys and household…

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Project #365 Day 61 Bread Trishaw!

Trishaws, also known as tuk tuks or three wheelers or auto-rickshaws, are exceedingly handy vehicles, especially countries…

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Hassles at the grocery store

Life is an adventure here in Sri Lanka, sometimes in ways you don’t quite – as a…

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Fahim’s first day off…

Wedding stuff commences… Fahim took off the next few days because of the wedding and the possible…

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The jewellery store called

Twice. To tell us that my jewellery is ready. It’s due Friday. As in, three more days….

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Fahim’s Shopping!

Lucky guy. He knows what he wants, and he gets it done in no time at all….

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Fabric shopping

Again. Kim and I chatted – over the internet, of course – and we talked about the…

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To wait or not to wait, that is the question

In Sri Lanka, many things are promised but not necessarily delivered. When we bought our fridge and…

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Arriving in Sri Lanka

Finally, at 12:50am, Friday, 15 August 2003, I landed in Sri Lanka. Yeah, okay, the plane I…