Chocolate. Glorious Glorious Chocolate.

When Fahim and I left New Zealand in July 2011, we stopped over in Singapore for a couple of weeks before we returned to Sri Lanka. While we were there, we knew we needed to see about finding Hershey's cocoa and chocolate chips for my sister in law. I wasn't sure how easy it would be to find - not everything is available in every country, after all.Imagine my surprise when, wandering around one day looking for absolutely nothing at all related to chocolate or Hershey's, we saw this, a Hershey's store. An entire shop devoted to all things Hershey's. How glorious!

That Hershey's store is located at Citylink Mall, Singapore. Citylink Mall is an underground mall and connects to the City Hall MRT station. We found it by getting off at City Hall and, quite literally, wandering around in the vast underground reaches of hallways and shops and more hallways and shops.
From Singapore
From Singapore
From Singapore
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