Yep, definitely monsoon

It rained all night last night.

I would know. I was awake. ")

Okay, I wasn’t awake the entire night, but I woke up frequently enough, and it was raining whenever I woke up, and thankfully, it was also cool. I love cool nights. I seriously love cool nights.

What I don’t love are those stupid lotto ticket sellers who ride around the neighborhood with music on full blast. I mean, seriously, it’s so loud – that stupid music blasting from their stupid stereos – and the sound quality is terrible, and that doesn’t help either – that you can’t hear anything else. If the tv’s on, forget trying to understand that. It’s enough to make one want to blow one’s brains out.

It’s not just the lotto ticket sellers. It’s also the trucks selling bedding plants. And the vans trying to collect money for dubious charities. (My mother needs to have a liver transplant, and we can’t afford the medical bills, so please donate. My mother will die in a week if we don’t get her this surgery. When in reality, they could be collecting money to finish building their house. Or to buy a car. Or . . . There ARE government hospitals here, after all, with free care. I didn’t say they were good, but they are available.)

When we move, and no, we have no plans, so we have no idea when that will be, we have firmly decided we need to move to a quieter neighborhood.

And on that note, I was speaking to the editor of a magazine. He lives in a house at the end of a lane – a fairly secluded house, by the way – and he told me that he gets mail only twice a week. He figures the mail man is too lazy to bike up that lane every day of the week, so the post guy saves it up and delivers huge wacks of it twice a week instead.

Wouldn’t find that in the US, land of mail twice a day and on Saturdays, too. Sheesh, Canada only has mail once a day Monday through Friday. You Americans are seriously spoiled, man. 🙂

Our mail guy rings his bicycle bell when he wants your attention – you know, trying to deliver a parcel or registered mail or the like. He rings it over and over and over and over again. But at least, with that, there’s no amplifier attached to the bell, so how loud can it get? Not very. He’s not so annoying. I didn’t even notice it for the first few months I was here.

Now I’m noticing it, but honestly, it’s only because I’m expecting a parcel. Although I’ve been warned that international parcels coming to Sri Lanka very often go missing. As in, someone at customs or the post office opens it up, sees something they want, and take it home.


I love living in a corrupt country.

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