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Now tell me what these two have in common

First, we have: And then we have: Tell me. What DO they have in common, dear reader?…

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Leonard Nimoy and Auckland – What do they have in common?

Watch the video first. Then look at the picture. And tell me what you figure out. 😀

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Jingle Bell – Punjabi Tadka (a video)

@nwjerseyliz tweeted this: Hmmm….Christmas carol + Bollywood + animation = Jingle Bell – Punjabi Tadka http://bit.ly/51txIA Out…

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Fahim Farook inspired by Douglas Adams

Or <a href=”http://mrsgiggles.com/pod/index.html” target=”_blank”>so the review goes</a>… Disclaimer: <a href=”http://farook.org” target=”_blank”>Fahim Farook</a> is my husband and I…

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Severely Overpriced Computer Cables

My brother Tony’s blog can be a bit, well, geeky and way over my head when he…

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More Cool Sites

A Glimpse of the Milky Way. Click on it and look. This is a seriously cool way…

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Bulwer-Lytton 2007 winners are in!

For the uninitiated, the Bulwer-Lytton contest is named after Edward George Bulwer-Lytton, author of that infamous novel:…

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Kitten Cannon

For you sick kitten haters out there – and you know who you are cough Fahim cough,…

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Book in a Minute

There’s a lovely website – I’m on a “lovely” kick right now :p – that has some…

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Eavesdropping the agoraphobic’s way

I laughed when I read this blog entry about sites for eavesdroppers and then followed the links……

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Why’d the Chicken Cross the Road?

(None of these are mine. Sorry, I’m not that funny. :P) PAT BUCHANAN To steal a job…

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Back when I was in university, I took a Zoology course. Had to dissect a cat, which,…