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The Scream

Here's another Daz3D piece. The character and the scenery were done in Daz3D, but addition painting (the…

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Girl with a Troll Earring

I started playing around with Daz3D about a week ago. Didn’t like it, couldn’t find anything in…

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Picking Flowers

A month and a half back, Fahim and I were returning home when we saw this truck. … Cuz I really don’t think we’re in an alternate universe right now, you know? As it turns out, we got our answer when the car we were in passed the truck.

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Favourite Photos of 2007

This is one of our neighborhood purple-faced langurs, aka purple-faced leaf monkeys (Trachypithecus vetulus). He’s sitting on…

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Fahim’s Shopping!

Lucky guy. He knows what he wants, and he gets it done in no time at all….

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Stuff we have here that you don’t have there

A question came up recently on a forum I frequent after I complained about all the things…

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Kurta shopping!!!!

We went out and about today, and one of our stops was at Crescat, one of the…

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Art Rage

It’s a free program – Windows or Mac – that let’s you simulate the painting process like…

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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree. . .

Fahim comes home for lunch with a big blue bag hanging from his handlebars. It’s the antenna…