Fahim’s Shopping!

Lucky guy.

He knows what he wants, and he gets it done in no time at all.

Why? Is it solely because he’s male? Well, yes, and no.

Being male and not caring about choice, selection, and whether something will match other items helps, but also being a standard size helps.

Today was Fahim’s day off. He gets only one lousy day off a week right now, which he hates because it means that he doesn’t really get to recover from the work week like he can with two days off. Going out is stressful and tiring and not at all what he prefers doing on his one lonely day off a week, and yet… Sometimes we just gotta do it.

Fahim’s brother Fahmi is getting married in three weeks. Three weeks! So there’s only three more weeks to make sure we have everything we need.

The wedding itself is on the Friday in the evening. Two days later – the Sunday – is the grooms dinner, probably at his parent’s house. We both need outfits for both days, and Fahim learned just recently that his sharwani, his beautiful, beautiful sharwani, isn’t appropriate for the groom’s dinner. So he wants a kurta to continue his Indian clothing theme. Hey, fine by me. 😀 (Have I mentioned that I find these Indian outfits absolutely sexy on Fahim? I mean, c’mon, with his height & his beautiful hair and coloring… *sigh* Well, it just makes sense, ya know?)

We go to Hameedia’s to see what we can find. First, we find the Indian shoes he’s looking for – flat, black fabric.:D The ones on display had gold piping around the top. Fahim asked for silver instead, which they had, and which I immediately vetoed. Silver will not go with your outfit, honey. Gold, yes.

So he asks for all black. They have it. In his size. For a reasonable price. Yay!

Then we head up another floor to where the kurta’s are and off to my right as we reach the top of the stairs, I see a separated room – probably wedding wear – full of gorgeous sharwanis, scarves (shawls? Don’t know what they’re commonly called when men wear them), and kurtas. There were some incredibly beautiful and ornate ones in there, but of course, Fahim doesn’t need another one and he certainly doesn’t like the really ornate ones either.

Still, I’d love to see him in one of them. Or a bunch of them. Just not at the same time. 😀

Poor salesman who fit the shoes on Fahim patiently waits while I dilly dally among the sharwanis, and then we leave in the direction of the kurtas. Fahim finally finds one he likes after rejecting a whole pile of them, and then looks at the scarves some more.

He doesn’t like the champagne colored one that came with his sharwani – he wants a darker one. Well, he wanted blue and silver, but no, dear, you can’t wear silver with the champagne colored beading. It won’t go. Heck, I’m not entirely sure the blue one will, but he won’t let it go, so…

He doesn’t see any by the kurtas that he likes, so we head off back to the wedding wear section and he picks one there that he’s fallen in love with.

Yay for Fahim!

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