Girl with a Troll Earring

I started playing around with Daz3D about a week ago. Didn’t like it, couldn’t find anything in the program, wasn’t having a lot of luck. I also looked at Poser and Toon Boom. And, well, here’s the thing…

Daz3D is great for creating 3D scenes. Plus there are a lot of assets you can download either for free or paid. And the program itself is really cheap, as in free. Poser has a much friendlier UI and is, to me, much more intuitive. But the price tag is large enough that, well… And Toon Boom is great for cartoons, but I’d have to create all my assets, which brings me back to Daz3D.

In Daz3D, provided everything is installed and working properly, starts with a genesis figure – neutered adult, no features, no skin tone, nothing but a blank slate. And you change its features as you see fit. Depending on the assets you’ve installed, you might be able to morph the genesis figure into an orc or a vampire or elf. And you can dress it and put it in a scene. And it goes from there.

Since I was so frustrated with it, and because Fahim had worked with it a bit here and there over the years, he offered to sit with me and walk me through a bunch of things. Because the video tutorials had a completely different UI from a previous version of the program, so the tutorials were absolutely useless, in addition to the program being completely nonintuitive with a horrid UI. So Fahim sat down with me and walked me through a few things. And so.

I created this in about, oh, 6 or so hours using solely Daz3D.

Comments and critiques are welcome.

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