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A Glimpse of the Milky Way.

Click on it and look. This is a seriously cool way to view the inner part of the Milky Way. You can wander around, zoom in or out, and just stare in awe.

The telescope was pointed to 111,000 different positions in the sky and snapshots were taken in four different infrared wavelengths, creating a total of 444,000 images. The MIPSGAL survey followed up using the MIPS instrument with another 400,000 images at three longer infrared wavelengths. These surveys have 100 times the sensitivity and over 10 times the resolution of previous surveys, allowing us to see stars and dusty objects throughout most of the Galaxy for the first time.

Way cool, dude. 😀

Fake or Foto?

Take their test to determine which of those images are computer graphics and which are photos.

And then there was the Uncyclopedia

The content-free encyclopedia…

With an article talking about a study that shows people who read are better at reading. Uh…

And all sorts of other stuff…

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5 thoughts on “More Cool Sites

  1. Laurie, that Milky Way viewer is amazing. I’m sending the link to my dad, who is an astronomy nut! Thanks for that. The fake or foto link isn’t coming up for me, boooooo! 🙂 Thanks for posting these.

  2. Sometimes on Wikipedia, we have to explain why Uncyclopedia isn’t a reliable source. Some people seem to think it’s a repository of everything world governments are trying to hide (though why they’d hide info on a test to tell humans and ducks apart, we’ll never know).

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