Anniversaries and Presents and Thundersticks, Oh My!

We’re on the countdown here, folks. In 11 days, I’ll have been in Sri Lanka for one year. In 11 days, Fahim and I will have been married for one year.

Oh, and I (think I) already know what I’m getting for an anniversary present. Let me start at the beginning.

There was an infomercial on the telly. We get them on two stations – both of the English stations – every day for an hour or two. Usually, I just ignore them. They’re either for ab machines or aerobic workout thingies, or the amazing ironing system that irons everything without you doing a thing, or the fat-free express, or things like that. You’ve seen ’em, you know what we’re talkin’ ’bout.

Well, this one day, they had one that I actually watched. For the Thunderstick Plus. Or maybe it’s the Thunderstick Pro. Thunderstick 2000? No, I’m pretty sure it’s the Thunderstick Plus.

You know how, about 20 years ago, Braun came out with a handheld whirr thingy? Um, a portable blender. Stick the wand with the blades into a glass, go whirr whirr and it’s all blended? Yeah, that thing!

Well, the Thunderstick is an advanced model. It can crush ice. It can foam skim milk. It can make mayonnaise. It has an aerator blade, a blending blade, a chopping blade (for chopping or crushing ice). It comes with a coffee grinder that’s also suitable for grinding spices. It comes with a food processor component and a meat grinding component. Basically, everything I want in a food processor except for the mixing part. But that can be dealt with separately.

I had a Braun whirr stick back in Canada, but it died after 15 years of faithful service. I also had a little food processor. Capacity of something like 2 cups. Well, I was living alone, unless you counted my cats, so it was all I needed. And it cleaned up fairly quick, which is always a bonus, and not something you necessarily get from a big model food processor. I also had a blender that could crush ice, and let me tell ya, that’s a good thing.

It would be a good thing here, too. Especially on those hot hot hot sticky hot days.

So, uh, I want it. I really seriously want it.

So I start in on selling it to Fahim, and he’s getting there. So to tip the scales, I mention anniversary present. Oh, honey! You can get this for me for an anniversary present!

"What? I have to get you an anniversary present?"

Yep, ya do, baby.

Well, let’s give Fahim a break. He comes from a family that doesn’t celebrate Christmas – they’re Muslims, why would they? The family doesn’t celebrate birthdays either. So this whole gift giving thing is new to him. Well, maybe he’s done it before, how do I know? But I guess I should be more accurate and say that it’s not a habit, and it’s not something he readily thinks of.

Yes, honey, you have to get me an anniversary present. And here it is. No thought on your part, plus it’s useful. It’s something I want. And you’ll benefit from it, too.

I know, most women will probably cringe at the thought of getting a household appliance for an anniversary present. But cut the guy some slack. It’s his first one. And it’s something I want, so what else matters?

And then I start to think about what I’m going to get for Fahim. And I’m panicking. Cuz I seriously have no idea. None at all. Not a single bloody clue.

Until a couple of days later. Something he says reminds me of something that triggers something else, and voila! I’ve got it.

But I can’t tell you yet. Fahim may read it, and it wouldn’t be any fun if he knew in advance, would it?

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