Monsoon Seasons End Eventually. Right?

I say this only because it seems like we’re still in monsoon season, and, well, I’ve been here nearly a year. In fact, in eight more days – or, uhm, let’s see, seven days, 15 hours and 45 minutes I’ll have been here a year – and when I arrived, it wasn’t monsoon season.

On the other hand, as I think about it, it did rain occasionally. But right now, I don’t know that I’d call this amount of rain occasional, necessarily. Ya know?

It rained all last night again. And yesterday was a pretty good rain day, too. So I just kinda wonder.

And it’s been cool at night – relatively speaking – and that’s been very nice. Matter of fact, I saw on the news yesterday that Colombo was at 25 Celsius over night. That, for here, is cool. Nice. Comfortable, even.

Yeah, we don’t see Colombo temperatures on the news much. I probably switch channels at all the wrong times or something. On the other hand, when the temperature is pretty much the same thing all the bloody live long year, how much does a forecast matter?

It’s not like we’re prone to, oh, blizzards. Or snowstorms. Or icestorms. Or hail. Or, um, well, WINTER. It’s always summer. Always.

Yeah, I’m so spoiled, ain’t I?

Author: LMAshton
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