Writing . . . good.

I didn’t do a whole lot today except write. Can you say boring and rather uneventful life? Except for my characters, that is. They have a wonderful, fun filled life. Except for Ally, who gets thrown in a mental hospital and her psychiatrist tries to kill her. But you can’t read about that for a while.

The good news is I wrote 18 pages. Fantastic!

My goal is 10 pages per day – at that rate, I’ll meet my posted goal with the BIM group. Fahim’s goal for me is 15 pages a day. He thinks I should have no problem at all achieving that.

Truthfully, after that 18 page day – which, again, was all at Fahim’s encouragement – he thinks I ought to have no problem doing 20 pages per day. Scary thing is, I think he’s right. Assuming I have my detailed plot outline done beforehand, I believe I can.

Back to my goal of 10 pages per day. First things first. Fahim won’t let me (let? yeah, that’s pretty much it) stop writing until I’ve achieved his minimum. But at my minimum, I get a chocolate. Cool.

And we watched 24. Second season premiere. It promises to be just as exciting as the first season.

And that’s the extent of my day. Oh, yeah, and playing stupid computer games when I’m procrastinating writing. But we won’t mention that. Fahim might get upset. 🙂

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