Grocery Shopping

Fahim and I went grocery shopping today. Just as we’re walking out the door, Marlene called and said she wanted to talk to me about OSC tomorrow. I said I’d stop by on the way to the grocery store.

She wanted to make sure I knew where I was going and also where I was meeting her. She also gave me the phone number for Angela, the wife of the Danish teacher. Angela is a stay at home person – not employed – and her husband commented to Marlene when Marlene mentioned me to him, "oh good. She can call my wife and get together with her." As in, I think Angela may need a diversion every now and then. And why not?

Fahim followed me to Marlene’s ten minutes later, and when he arrived, we left for the grocery store. It’s all getting fairly standard, no muss no fuss. Except they had no cat food today, and we’re nearly out. And I picked out American oyster mushrooms instead of the local ones, and they cost twice as much. Drat.

Something else I need to mention about grocery shopping here. We push our cart to the checkout, and not only do the very young looking Asian boys bag our groceries for us, they also empty our cart for us, too. Talk about service. And there’s also someone to open the door when we’re coming and going. Cool. Serious service.

The guy who packed the groceries tried using as few bags as possible. Fahim carried the two overpacked overheavy bags that were, shall we say, almost tearing at the seams?

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