Whatever. It’s time to move on.

I’ve mentioned how Fahim is a sugar guy? He adds mounds of sugar to everything and he likes having tonnes of sweets around the house.

Because of Christmas, he gave me a break and allowed me to not bake anything. He instead bought loads and loads of sweets.

Which are now almost gone.

I’ve been talking about baking something for the last week, but we’re almost out of margarine – don’t have enough to bake with. So I told him he’d need to pick some up if he wanted me to bake. This was on Sunday. (Yeah, it took me that long to find an excuse for my procrastination!)

On Monday, he asked me to remind him – via SMS – to stop at the store for margarine on his way home for lunch. I forgot. Therefore he forgot. And he figures that he’s allowed to blame me for him forgetting.

Go figure.

And he makes the funniest sound when I remind him that he was supposed to do something that he actually wanted to do. Kinda like a Homer but with more verve and exccitement.

And then he was supposed to stop off at the store on his way home after work. Also didn’t happen. But this time, his excuse is that we’re going grocery shopping tomorrow so it can wait.

Yeah, it can. But that also means you can’t complain, my dearest one.

He didn’t.

So tonight, after we get home from grocery shopping, and we’re talking about what I’m going to bake and I’m asking him what he wants, he again insists that he doesn’t care. At all.

Except that it has to be chocolate.

And it has to have lots of stuff – ie chocolate chunks, raisins – in it.

Oh, weeeellll, as long as we’re not too demanding.

Author: LMAshton

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