Relief Society Newletter

I mentioned how I elected to start up a Relief Society Newsletter here. Well, the first issue was December’s, and it’s all done and passed around and it looked pretty good, too.

January’s looks even better. I tossed in a page with the sweets recipes we made in homemaking in December, along with photos I took there. Plus a bunch of other things. But I figured that the homemaking page would be good advertisement, basically saying, "See how much fun we had? If you come, you’ll have this much fun, too."

Anyway, I finally finished it today and sent it with Fahim to get it printed. On Sunday, I’ll need to photocopy it – and since the photocopier is slow, I’ll probably need to get to church a half hour or so early so I have the time to get it done before church. Yippee.

The things I do.

But I honestly don’t mind, as much as I joke about it.

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