The Sign of the Beast

I color my hair. I don’t believe in only allowing natural hair colors to show. Never have.

In fact, I’ve been coloring my hair almost constantly since I was fifteen. And you can thank my sister (Hi Kim!!!) for starting me on that trend. She helped me do my first colorings.

Initially, I colored for fun.

Wanna be a blonde?


Why not try a platinum blonde streaks or chunks?


How about orange with black tips?

Sounds great!

I’ve even done Ronald McDonald red. And hot pink with purple on the bottom. And a bunch more oh, more sedate colors.

In my old age, I’ve settled down and now do red tones that almost but not quite approach natural hair colors.

Oh, no. Not natural for me. Good heavens! Are you kidding me? Nooooo.

But they could conceivable be natural for someone. If they had very very very brightly colored hair naturally. If they were genetically modified. Or exposed to high radiation levels while they were still in their mother’s womb.

But not the color I’m using right now. Not initially, anyway.

But this is one of the rules of hair coloring 101. No matter what color you go with, it’ll fade something like 40% in the first couple of weeks. Accept it and move on. The color you get immediately after you color is not the color you’ll have in a few weeks. There are exceptions to this, such as if you’re going blonde. Then there’s less fading.

But when you go red, especially the more vibrant reds, there is a lot of fading.

I colored my hair this morning using L’Oreal’s Ruby Red 666.

That color number would never work in, say, Italy. Near the Vatican, I mean. Or probably in Utah either. Or the Bible Belt area in the southern USA. Or in the Bible Belt in Southern British Columbia either.

But in a region that’s known for its low Christian populations – well, you have a whole other story here.

So I colored this morning.

Oh, and what do you think I look for in a hair color these days?

(drum roll, please)

Yeah. Gray coverage.

I’m that white.

Luckily, my hair is absorbent when it comes to hair color – I don’t have that problem where the white hairs turn pink with red color. No. They stay red. It’s just those pesky white roots I’ve got.

Anyway. I colored my hair today.

Now I get to gripe.

See, in Canada, we had a huge – and I really do mean huge – variety of hair colors. You can get just about any shade approaching something natural at any grocery store or drug store.

Here, I have to go to a mall like Majestic City to find any hair colors other than black or dark brown. The Food City we shop at has hair coloring – three shades last time I checked, and they were black, dark dark brown, and merely dark brown. That’s it.

Blonde shades not available here.

So when we bought my hair color, there was maybe a total of half a dozen shades that had any amount of red in them at all. Total. And none of them were in the shade I particularly like going with. So I picked the one that was the closest.

When it’s just finished being colored, it’s a very dark red. Very very dark red.

Over the next few weeks, it’ll fade to a dark reddish brown.

I really wanted several shades lighter. But as long as I’m in Sri Lanka, ain’t gonna happen.

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