I’m melting . . . I’m melting . . .

You’d think that, what with it being monsoon season and all, that it wouldn’t be quite so hot.

You’d be wrong.

Forecasts – on the rare occasions that I’m watching the news – show that it’s supposed to be 32 Celsius. Seriously. That’s the only temperature it’s been showing the last oh half dozen times I’ve seen the forecasts. It’s quite some coincidence.

And believe me, it is that warm here. But it might be warmer.

Today, with the fan running at high speed, I’ve still felt like like melting. I’d love to take an ice cube shower. Or be caught in an ice storm.

You know I thought I was getting maybe sorta a little bit acclimated. Now? Now I don’t believe it at all.

Author: LMAshton

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