We got a property tax assessment in our mail today

It’s for the owner, not us, to pay, but that doesn’t prevent me from having fun with it, does it? Why, gosh, no, Laurie, it doesn’t. 🙂 My comments are italicized. All spellings, punctuation, grammer – in other words, everything – is typed exactly from the original.

"You are hereby required to pay the amount of the above tax in the propotion (as opposed to an anti-potion) and at the times mentioned in Colum (3) faliure where of any moveble (oh, my, they do make this far too easy, don’t they?) property found on the land or building or in default there to the land or building, will be liable to be seize and sold by the Pradeshiya Sabha or the recovery of the same with cost."

"Written objection to the above mentioned Assessment will be received at the Pradeshiya Sabha office within One Month (because only One Month deserves to be capitalized. That’s January. All the other months should be lower case) from the date of service of this notice."

"Payments: (1) Cheque or Many Order (you want many orders? Fine, I’ll give you many orders. Get me some chocolate. Pour me some ginger beer. Sweep my floors . . .) ‘Chairman Kaduwela Pradeshiya Sabhai’ (Okay, seriously, we make it payable to the Chairman himself? Talk about corruption. But at least they’re cutting out the middle man, eh?) (2) 9.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. will be accepted in Pradeshiya Sabha Office. (But if you bring payment at other times, we won’t accept it. We may be there, the office may be open, but we won’t accept your money)"

"Important: : (1) The annual assessment rates of a property if paid on or before 31st January of each year in full the rate payers are entitled to a rebate of ten parcent (is that a new golf term?) (10%) (2) If the assessment rates are paid quartely (I find it interesting that it’s sometimes spelled correctly, and at other times, it isn’t. Did the person creating this form think it was a different word?) within first month of the quarter of that year the rate payers are entitled to a rebate of fiver percent (5%) or quarterly rates."

"Warrant costs: (15%) Fifteen of the rates due for each quarter; in respect of Bare Lands and residential permises. (Is this like permited ingerdients?) (20%) Twenty percent of the quartely (see what I mean?) rates due in respect of properties other than Bare Lands and residential properties."

In all fairness, I assume this is a property tax assessment. And I also assume, although I could be wrong, you never know, that it’s to a government agency.

Having said that, if I’m correct, and the taxes are paid to a government agency, then, gee, doesn’t it make sense that a government agency, of all things, should get spelling, punctuation, and grammar correct?

Next comment. The address listed was not ours. Or, to be more accurate, isn’t the one which we use to receive mail.

I asked Fahim about it, and he said that he didn’t know if they used the same addressing system as the post office.

Author: LMAshton

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