Have I mentioned that we don’t actually know for sure which town we live in?

We could be in Pelawatte, or we could be in Thalanguma South. I probably spelled that whole Thalanguma thing incorrect – but lest you laugh at me for that, especially when I’ve just finished commenting on theirs – I am not a corporation nor a government agency sending out official notices, advertising, labelling, or anything of the like. Plus I now dang well that my Sri Lankan spelling sucks. I don’t make any other pretense.

Back to the Pelawatte or Thalanguma South issue. I’ve mentioned it before. Ooops, just checked. Apparently that’s me imagining things again. Anyway. Mail sent to us with either town gets delivered to us. Huh.

Also, the road name that we’ve given out to everyone for mail – and don’t panic, we seem to receive our mail no problem – is actually a road parallel to or perpendicular to the one we live on, depending on which road you’re standing on – we live in a corner house. But the road name we use is not the name of the road our house is on. But it gets to us. Because of the number of the house, I guess. We don’t actually know the name of the road we actually live on. No, that’s not true. We know the name of one of the roads, but not the other. Or maybe Fahim actually does and he’s not sharing with me. 🙁

Author: LMAshton

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