There’s nothing funnier than Asterix & Obelix in Sinhalese

Oh, and the power’s back on.

So I just turned the tv on, and what do I see? Asterix & Obelix. I love that comic!

The first time I encountered Asterix & Obelix was my brother Tony’s bookshelf (Hi Tony!). He had oh, something like 30 of them. I loved them!

Never saw them in a bookstore. Looked. Nope.

Then the next time I encountered them, it was at a Vijatha Yapa bookstore in downtown Colombo – across from Majestic City. In Sinhalese. No English.

Boo hoo!!!!!

And I encountered them on television – an animated series – a couple of months ago. Which is the same thing I’m watching now.

I am SO not learning Sinhalese fast enough.

Author: LMAshton

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