Another power outage is scheduled for today

Power outage scheduled for 8 am to 5 pm today. The vehicle with loudspeaker drove around in the neighborhood on Saturday announcing it. Whatever works, right?

So it meant that anything I had to do on Monday that required electricity had to be done before power outage started. Yep, this ain’t rocket science.

So. So. So. So. It’s a word I use entirely too much.

So I did a load of laundry. It’s laundry day, after all, and let’s not break a pattern.

And I had to get lunch ready.

Yeah, I know, I can use matches to light the burners. But if I don’t have electricity to run fans, wouldn’t I rather cook earlier in the morning while it’s still cool enough that it doesn’t overheat me and we still have fans to cool me off?

I thought you’d agree.

So the meals are all cooked. Today, it’s Peppered Mullett – I really have to add the recipe, and yes, it did turn out rather well, if I do say so myself – and Curried Potatoes and Carrots with the ubiquitous Pink Rice.

Power went off promptly at 8 am.


I was really hoping they’d be, oh, five hours late turning it off and four hours early putting it back on.

It’s now already 8:30 am. I’m laundered, cooked, and sitting in my living room by myself – Fahim’s already gone to work and the cats are out – Oberon out the front door, Tellulah out the back – and I’m typing away in my laptop with the screen turned as low as it can get. Anything to preserve the power for as long as possible, eh?


Showing my Canadian roots, eh?


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