The No War Zone

And as yet another side note, I’ve been browsing through some channels, and there’s Robin on tv interviewing someone for The No War Zone.

Here’s where we can get into history in this country. Tamil Tigers. Sound familiar? I’m a little sketchy on the details, but basically, the Tamil Tigers were mainly in the North and the East and they’re trying to gain more rights or freedoms for their people. The war is based on ethnic conflict between the Tamil and the Sinhalese people. But another bit of info: Buddhists tend to be Sinhalese, Hindu tend to be Tamil, something along those lines. I got more clarification from Fahim, and for us Canadians, basically it’s parallel to the Quebecois wanting more recognition, freedom, and all that. The Tamil people want recognition for their own language and would like the North and East part of the country for their own country – a form of separation.

I’m grossly generalizing everything here, but it comes from not entirely understanding everything.

Another comment on the war. In the North and East, there are still huge areas that are not suitable for travel. Land mines. In other words, you can drive the roads, but don’t you dare get off the road or BOOM!

Anyway, the point of it is that there are organizations and other groups of people who are working towards achieving peace here. At the moment, there’s a cease fire, but that’s not the same thing and we all know it. The cease fire has been effective for a couple of years or so, so this is good for a start.

Fahim has been a part of a Groove project – for him, as some kind of computer geekness – and it’s also a part of the peace process, and I think it’s along the lines of dissemination of information. On the other hand, again, I’m just kinda throwing things together and Fahim could explain it all much better than I can.

Anyway, there’s someone I know on TV. Cool.

Actually, I know someone else as well. Visaka from church, the Relief Society President, is an actress, and I believe she’s on a local soap. I need to ask her which channel and when so I can watch it, at east once.

Back to irregularity.

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