A man with no country?

Fahim told me something interesting this morning while we were eating breakfast. He told me how, in Sri Lanka, if a child is born here but the father is not a citizen, the children do not get citizenship, even if the mother is a citizen. A friend of his, Robin, is countryless. Has no citizenship. His father is Indian, his mother Sri Lankan, and he was born in Sri Lanka. Fahim says that Robin doesn’t have either Indian or Sri Lankan citizenship, nor, for that matter, does he have citizenship anywhere.

Uh, this is possible? I thought a person had to have citizenship somewhere?

Fahim does insert his own disclaimer. He may have mixed up a few things, but that’s the story as he remembers it. Robin, Fahim tells me, reads my blog. Robin, care to throw in your two cents? I, for one, am really really curious about this, and I imagine that other people will be now, too.

Author: LMAshton

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