I have a few photos to share with you, and they’re pretty much completely unrelated from each other. The first one is of a house across the street, and a few days ago, I was standing outside and notice chains hanging down off a white metal tube hanging off the ceiling. In the picture, they’re the only things hanging down. I asked Fahim what they were for. He said they’re to carry the water to the ground. Better than an eavestroughing pipe. Cheaper. Less work. Uh, okay.

Next is a picture of king coconuts. They’re the orange roundish objects in this palm tree. And no, we haven’t had any yet. Fahim, love? Soon?

Now we have a picture of one side of our kitchen. You can see our blue propane tank in front of the stove. To the far right of the picture you’ll see the far edge of a cupboard. That’s the dreaded gecko cupboard I’ve never opened and probably never will – and it’s also where our sink is. I’ve asked Fahim to move the stove over to the right so we can put the gas tank in closer to the wall so I’m not always straddling over that blue tank, and he can’t because the electrical isn’t long enough. So he suggests putting the tank on the right side and putting the rubber propane hose behind the stove. No, Fahim, can’t do that. When the stove is hot, it can melt the rubber, and BOOM! Yeah, don’t wanna go there.

Ain’t’cha glad you don’t have to worry about these things?

And yes, I leave things on my counter. Why not? I use them all every single cotton-picking day. The big bag is our red rice.

And now we have our new sofa set.


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