The Continuing Saga . . .

Back to the saga of no internet in Sri Lanka.  They finally found the other end of the cable last night, and it’s been hauled onto the deck of the ship where repairs are being made, so that’s some amount of progress.  It’s now been announced that repairs will be completed sometime early next week.  Uh, yeah.  Okay.  So much for all the other deadlines that have come and gone.

And did I mention my sister and her family are moving to the Maldives?  It’s a group of islands off the south west coast of India – Sri Lanka is off the south east coast of India – and about 400 miles away from Sri Lanka.  Next month.  Back when we both lived in Canada, we were about 800 miles apart.  So.  I have to move to south Asia to live this close to my sister??????

My sister, niece, and nephew will be staying with us while her dh finds them a place to live.  He’s an aircraft mechanic, although I believe they, the aircraft mechanics, that is, prefer the term “aircraft engineer” and sometimes get right snippy if you call them mechanic.  🙂

Sri Lanka, the one country in the world where internet STILL does not exist.

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