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They found the cable, and it’s been brought up onto the deck of the ship where repairs will be made. Don’t know about any projected repair date.

In other news, it would seem that there are, in fact, three undersea cables. One going directly to Singapore, another that goes to India, and the third we have no idea about. At one time, Fahim made a comment about a trans-atlantic cable going to the US, but that would seem more than a little silly to me. Of course, he threatened to beat me up if I put this in, so of course I put this in. 🙂

We really don’t know where all the cables go – this is speculation, not fact.

There has been talk of using the cable that goes to India, then route it to Singapore, until this whole thing is fixed. We’ll see.

Another thing that keeps showing up on the news – two nights in a row – is how much bandwidth is being added. 40 MB was announced on Tuesday evening, and tonight, another 40 some odd MB of bandwidth was announced as being added. Wow, that’s . . . so much.

And it’s been announced that it will be fixed sometime early next week.

Of course.

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