Rain Rain Go Away

Don’t come back for another day.

It’s been raining a lot the last couple of weeks. I mean a serious lot.

It’s at the point that I have to cover up nearly every night because I’m cold. Two nights ago, I put on two sarongs, chased Fahim around the bed to absorb his body heat, and was still cold.

It didn’t help that we had the fan on.

And this is where I should probably take a step back.

My sister and kidlets are arriving tonight. They’re moving to the Maldives, about 400 miles away. They’ll be there for perhaps a half year, or something like that, then head back to Canada, and perhaps come back again next fall. It’s a job contract that sis’s husband has.


But what does this mean to me?

I mean, other than having family in town and staying with us?

Oh, wait, I didn’t explain the rest.

Brother in law is heading directly to the Maldives to set up housing for the family. Sis and kidlets are staying in Sri Lanka with Fahim and I for a week or thereabouts. I say thereabouts because they don’t have the forwarding tickets booked yet, and anything can happen and/or change, so who really knows?

No matter. The important point being that sis and kidlets will be staying with us for a week.

So what does that mean to me?

BINGO! It means cleaning house. You know, sweeping, mopping, dusting, killing all the cobwebs, that sort of thing.

Except that I hate housework and I have a bad back. Let’s go with the whole "I have a bad back" theory. 🙂 I’m limited in how much I can sweep/mop – those are the worst things for my back. They’ll break me.

So what do we do? Does Fahim take over where I can’t? Are you kidding me?

No, seriously, he’s great. I’m just kidding here. I have no complaints about Fahim and housework related chores. He does his share without too much complaining (which is mostly to make sure I appreciate him, I think, and I do!) and with no nagging. I mean, seriously, I haven’t had to ask him to take out the garbage even once since we’ve been married. He just does it. And other things. He just does them. I don’t ask. I don’t remind. It just gets done.

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