The Continuing Saga of the Disappearing Cat

Monday afternoon. Our telephone connection was transferred to the new place on time. Yay!!!

We pack up a few things, including fat cat Oberon, and move (or, as the locals say, shift) to the new house.

ADSL wasn’t connected the same day. We think. Boohooo!!!!

Tuesday morning. Try to feed Oberon. Oberon not here. Boohoo!!!!

Go back to the old house – a mere hundred yards down the road – and there he is. Yaaay! But not coming back. Boohooo!!

Wednesday morning. Still no Oberon. Boohooo!

Pack a few things up at the old house, and Oberon’s still alive. Yay!!!!

Oberon refuses to come back to the new house with me. Shreds two new holes into a shirt. Boohoo!!!

Wednesday afternoon. Finally, after two days of dh whined about us not having ADSL, I checked the telephone wire connections and found they were plugged into the wrong connections on the ADSL splitter/filter thingy, so re-did them correctly. Yay! ADSL now works. Yay!!!!!!

Have no idea if we actually had ADSL for two days while dh phoned and harassed telephone company employee after telephone company employee. Ooops!

Thursday morning. Power adapter for my laptop stopped working. Batteries died long ago, so no way to power up laptop.

Go back to old house, pack up a few things, and send a couple of loads to the new house, including Oberon in a cat carrier. Again. He’s now at the new house. Yay!!!!

After feeding him (he hasn’t eaten a meal that I’m aware of since I put him to bed Monday night), and he eats like the pig that he is, Oberon jumps onto the eight foot high wall. He wanders around on the top of the fence, ducking beneath the jasmine tree, smelling the flowers as he goes. He looks like he wants to jump down, sometimes studying our side of the fence, sometimes the others. He lays down on the fence, sunning himself like lazy cats will. I leave him alone.

Ten minutes later, he’s gone. Boohooo!

Thursday afternoon. Take power adapter to local laptop repair shop, and they tell me a new one won’t be in stock for two more weeks. Not sure if they can fix or not. They’ll give it a try.

An hour or so later, I receive a call, and it is fixed. Rs600, or $6 US. Yay!!!!!!

Can’t pick it up until tomorrow. The glue won’t be dry until then. Boooohooooo!!!!!

Fahim goes back to the other house to pick up a few things. Oberon isn’t there. Booohoooo!!!!!

Have dh’s old laptop – slow and slow and really, yes, that slow – that I can use in the meantime. Yay!!!

Sri Lanka, where life is ALWAYS interesting…

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