I am so sore!

And so is Fahim!

We’re not used to that freakin’ steep hill we have to climb to get here or tumble down to leave. It would never have been allowed in Canada – too steep a grade!

We tumbled into bed last night, tired and sore and tired. And didn’t sleep none too well. Fahim sleeps really good most of the time, except when I’m tossing and turning on a squeeky bed. And I toss and turn on a squeeky bed when I can’t sleep because I’m either too cold or too hot.

See, we have air conditioning in our bedroom. With a remote control.

And a short in the plug.

But we’ll get to that in a mo’.

With a remote control, and with a man, guess who controls the control? You got it!

So*, Fahim sets it for 24C, which is too cold for me. Yeah, sure, in Canada, I regularly slept in rooms colder than that,but I also had blankets. 😀 Here, we don’t use blankets or the like. Granted, I can toss a sarong or a sheet over me for warmth, and I have done that, but it’s still not enough. Okay, so* I haven’t completely acclimated, but I have somewhat, it would seem.

Anyway, I want it set to 26 or 27. The air conditioning works really well and cools the room down in fairly short order. And Fahim starts snoring in an equal period of time. And I freeze, so I snuggle him to suck his body warmth. And I cower under the sheets, shivering, even at that.

So I grope for the remote as Fahim snores on. 😛 I adjust it to a bit warmer – since it’s dark, I can’t tell what the controls say, so I guess. I increase it by two degrees. Fahim snores on.

And then the short kicks in.

No more A/C.

I’m happy, because it means I’m not freezing anymore. Although I thought maybe it shut off because I turned the controls to a high enough temperature that it didn’t have to work so hard. And finally, I fall asleep.

Only to wake a few hours later – at 4 am, no less – to sweat and hot humidity.

Damn Short!@#@!#!!

So*, I struggle for the remote, trying to adjust the temperature down, but no luck. No response. I play with the plug, trying to get it into a position where it’ll work again. No luck.

Squeek. Squeek. Squeak. Squeak. Squeek. (Seriously, spell check alerts me that squeek is wrong, but squeak is right. Does that seem right to you? Cuz, I’m seriously thinking that the double-EE thing works much better for me.)

And Fahim wakes up. And takes over the elusive fixing the plug quest. Finally, he gets it working and we roll back into bed.

But no, I’m awake. *rolls eyes* And it takes me until a few minutes before Fahim’s first alarm goes off to fall asleep. And then I snooze in and out of consciousness until I finally give up at 6:30.

Author: LMAshton
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