Oberon’s Version of The Continuing Saga of the Disappearing Cat

Translated from Oberon’s point of view:

Monday, got picked up and put into a car. #@$#@ humans left me in a new, strange smelling place. Boooo

Monday night I went home. Yea.

Tuesday, the humans came to visit. Yea.

Left me alone in my spacious house, removing some of their clutter. Yea.

Did not leave me food. Booo.

Wed: Slept in sun all day. No disturbances. Yea.

No food. Booo.

Slow mouse. Yea.

Thurs: Humans return and stuff me in a prison box. Boo.

They take me to the same new stinky place. Boo.

They feed me. Yea!!!!!!

They feed me more. Its about @#$@# time.

They have pretty wall. On top of it I am king of the world, as usual. Yea.

Slow mouse on other side of wall. Yea.

Friday. Exploring. I’ll be back later. Lets hear it for slow mice.

Being a cat is ALWAYS interesting….


(I can’t take credit for this – I didn’t write it. Darth_Mauve over at Hatrack did. Go Darth_Mauve!)

Author: LMAshton
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