And the cat came back . . .

Oberon’s back! Yay!!!!

He sat up on the wall for a couple of hours, crying because he didn’t know how to jump down without hurting himself. I mentioned it was an eight foot wall, right? But eventually, after putting food out for him and waving it in his face, he managed to find a way. 😀 And he’s still here. Yay!!!!!!

Most of our stuff is still at the old house. Must go back later today and pack up more to bring over. More Work. Booohooo!

My knee is killing me! Booohoooo!

I slept well last night. Yay!!!!!

I get to pick up my power adaptor for my laptop today. Yay!!!!!

My cleaning lady is coming today – again – so not only do I not have to do any of the cleaning at this place, I don’t have to cook today, either. Again. Yay!!!!!!

Author: LMAshton

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