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So we have hummingbirds

Not us, personally, but around our house. There’s a tree in front of the house on the…

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Sri Lankan cats are puny

I was out and about today, and finally I remembered to take pics of some local cats….

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This country has too many cows. Way too many. Way way too many.

And I keep taking more pictures of them. What can I say? Even after more than half…

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These are pics of some of my favorite sleeping objects. In the first, we have Oberon on…

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More on cows. Serious cows. Or maybe very happy cows?

I’m really not sure. This is still on the way back from the acupuncturist, and there were…

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No babies delivered by this stork.

Fahim took a picture for me of a stork. Really? A stork? But it doesn’t look like…

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I’d never seen one before. Apparently, they exist here. I say that because Fahim has taken pictures…

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What, Are Cows Really Everywhere?

Oh yeah. Fahim and I walked to his work to use the internet today – he still…

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Oxcarts. I kid you not.

Another interjection. While I was sitting in the living room minding my own business, I hear this…

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Oberon loses his new bestest and most favoritest toy

Oberon let his instincts fly today. Oh, look, I made a punny! Seriously, though. . . Fahim…