Sri Lankan cats are puny

I was out and about today, and finally I remembered to take pics of some local cats.

Remember way way back to August when I talked about small cats and how the people at immigration – or was it cargo? Yeah, cargo – were amazed when they saw how big Oberon was.

I can legitimately say “was” because Oberon has lost a little bit of weight. Probably that whole traveller’s diarrhea thing. Poor cat.

But he’s still huge. Well, not as huge as some cats I’ve seen – both in person and in pictures – but he’s a good large size. Larger than a lot. At one point, in Canada, he weighed in at 16 pounds. Tellulah only topped out at 7 pounds and something like 14 ounces, and I was proud of her for reaching that weight cuz she’d always been so skinny her skin hung off her.

Anyway. They all made a fuss over Oberon’s size, and the one guy pointed out a local cat for me, and it was the size of Tellulah when she was maybe four or six months old. (Cats don’t become adult full grown until about 3 years of age, but they slow down growing at around two.) If this cat weighed more than four pounds, I’d be surprised.

Since then, I’ve had the, ahem, opportunity, to see a lot of local cats, and three to four pounds seems to be fairly typical. I haven’t seen any that were larger than that – other than my own.

And now you, too, have that opportunity. In a limited way.

In this picture, there are two cats.

Animals here, as in cats and dogs, hide under things like cars, trishaws, motorcycles, or anything else they find that provides any amount of shade. It’s understandable given how hot it can get here.

Back to the picture. The really unfortunate thing is that I don’t really have anything there to give a size reference. Do your best, I guess. I’ll try to take a better picture.


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