More on cows. Serious cows. Or maybe very happy cows?

I’m really not sure.

This is still on the way back from the acupuncturist, and there were about twelve cows inside of, oh, 100 feet on this major road. Three were grazing at one end – but at least they were at the side of the road. A little further, and traffic was stopped because one cow was trotting – yes, TROTTING – down the road – and going at a pretty decent clip for a cow. Cars had to swerve to get out of her way. About twenty feet behind her were these two cows. Sauntering along. Stopping traffic in both directions, as you can see.

And yes, this was taken through the front window of the trishaw I was in, so sorry about the front windshield wipers and such. But if you don’t like it, you can always come to Sri Lanka and take yer own pics. 🙂

And the other cows were another fifty feet further ahead, grazing through garbage at the side of the road. But at least they were at the side of the road and not tying up traffic.

Traffic jam caused by bovine sprinting. Yeah, that’s a headline you’d never see in a Canadian paper.

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