Today was my first solo trishaw ride. I needed to go to church, and Fahim was going to stay home and get something working for our washing machine. The laundry was starting to pile up.

My trishaw driver was Dominic (Fahim says: It’s Dhammika :p), same as last Sunday, and this certainly makes life easier. He’s been to the church at least twice, so I don’t have to fumble with giving him directions. When we get there, he asks if I want him to pick me up. Yes, absolutely. That’s so much easier than me finding a trishaw rider – and then giving instructions as to where I live.

Don’t misunderstand – finding a trishaw rider willing to drive me somewhere isn’t difficult. It’s the relaying instructions on where I’m going that can be a problem. English is spoken, but to varying degrees with varying amounts of accents. Then there’s the whole negotiation aspect. Dominic, because Fahim negotiated for me, is charging me 220 LKR. Other trishaw drivers would probably start the asking price at 600 LKR, if not more – because I’m white and obviously a foreigner. This way, there are less hassles.

I already knew there was someone at church who was from my neighborhood, but whether it was someone who was here on vacation, or another North American living here, I didn’t know. I finally found out today. Marlene, a lady who works at OSC, lives all of 100 feet from my house. We’re talking about getting a ride to church together next week – save on costs.

I watched more 24 today. What can I say? I’m definitely addicted.

And later, we rode Fahim’s motorcycle to work and back again. Fahim’s getting used to having a passenger, and I’m still telling myself to relax and go with it. It’s much more comfortable than the first ride, and I’m becoming accepting of it.

I’m still experiencing email problems and Fahim’s convinced it’s the way Outlook handles email. Crud. Switch to Eudora, he nags. I’m beginning to soften to the idea. More crud.

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