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I watched the last of the 24 episodes, and now I’m wondering what’s going to happen in the next season. In Canada, I haven’t had cable since, oh, April 2002 or somewhere thereabouts, so I don’t even know what’s been on tv for the last year. Here, the episodes air late – a full year? A few months? Longer? I don’t know. I’m so out of touch I’d have to look it up on the internet to find out. Fahim has been talking about getting a tv antenna, though. Apparently, you can get ones that move around looking for the best signal, and you somehow program the best position for each channel into the tv, so when you switch from one station to the next, it automatically goes to the best position to pick up the channel. Or something like that. As usual, I’m sure Fahim will correct me on this. Whatever. (Fahim says: boy, what an imagination she has :p All I said was that I’d seen this nifty remote controlled antenna at a shop recently that you can turn by remote to get the best signal – I’m not sure it turns automatically as Laurie says for each channel :p Usually, what you do in Sri Lanka is just turn the pole/pipe/tube on which the antenna is installed to get the best possible reception for all channels and then leave it at that position but the problem is that one person has to be outside turning the thing while somebody sits inside checking reception and screaming out instructions …)(Laurie says: I really feel like biting his nose off right now. I lost my breath entirely laughing at him after reading his comment, and what you can’t see, dear reader, is that Fahim is sitting beside me with his head on my arm in a pretense of affection. What it really means is that he’s monitoring my every word as I type. Is the guy paranoid? Hmmm. Yeah, I think he must be. Back to the whole antenna thing. Fahim’s on drugs. And now he’s mocking me mercilessly, unlike the ever loving husband he occassionally claims to be.)(Laurie says: And now he says that he never claimed to be my ever loving husband. Oh really? Huh. Maybe I should flee NOW!!!!)

Fahim still hasn’t watched the last four hours, and when I still had three hours to go, we were talking about the show, and I said to him, teasingly, I could tell you who dies. And he says, Teri. I’m like, what? You’re kidding. He totally let it out. I was talking about the David Palmer’s dead ruse to fool the bad guys. And I wasn’t even going to tell him. Or maybe I was, but that’s beside the point. So in retaliation, I said, fine, Nina’s a traitor. Oh, was he mad. Yep. (Fahim says: Oh you were soooo going to let it all out – and now you blame it on me? :p)(Laurie says: Yeah, whatever. And gee, don’t ya realize that you’re about the last person on the planet to see the show who wants to?)

Oh, and if you haven’t seen the show and want to, there are spoilers in the preceding paragraph. Sorry. (Fahim says: see what you’re doing? Not only do you spoil it for me, you spoil it for everybody else too .. couldn’t you at least have put this spoiler warning up before you wrote about the spoilers instead of after? :p)(Laurie says: Uh, gee, Fahim, don’t you think that you should learn how to communicate effectively so that what you think you’re saying comes out that way instead of in a way that’s easily misunderstood?)

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