Because our washing machine doesn’t have a pump

But drains by gravity only, we’ve had to completely rethink how we’re going to deal with laundry. Aban’s, the place where we bought the washer, was supposed to send someone by, but typical of Lankans, it didn’t happen. So Fahim decided to take action. Quite honestly, I’m happy about this – the laundry’s piling up.

Fahim jimmied the washing machine into the bathroom. We’ve already got a floor drain in there, so this will work. Unfortunately, it means that the water will drain all over the floor. Well, this is how bathrooms in Sri Lanka are designed. Remember me mentioning before that our shower has no shower curtain? I take a shower, and the entire floor is wet. Such is life here.

I do another load of laundry – have to test this out – and it drains properly. We get lint and such all over the floor. Ick. So I hose it down and all is well again.

Author: LMAshton

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