Sticky Board Rat Trap Catches . . . What????

Well, he put out the sticky board. No rat was trapped, no rat brownie eaten or taken. No garbage was broken into (he deliberately left it there to attract the rat.) No more crackers stolen.

And y’all know who I mean by "he", right?

No rat in the back room eating the soap or the rat brownie.

Fahim checked the little upstairs bedroom where he put rat poison – no rat, no rat bait eaten.

Last night, while I was insomniacing, I heard scurrying in the back bedroom upstairs. Fahim hasn’t checked it yet.

I’m not checking any of the bedrooms.

a. I’m a girl, he’s a man, it’s his job.

b. He has testosterone, I don’t, and it’s his job.

c. I’m wussy, and it’s his job..

The really sad thing is that we keep ant targets in the ant free zone, but that’s readily accessible to rats. To keep things away from rats, we can only put stuff in the cupboards, away from the ants. Everything is fine in the cupboards as long as there are no holes, but, you see, that’s the problem.

Yesterday, we had a major ant invasion. One of Fahim’s sugary cereals had several holes in the packaging. Ants found it, in force, in the cupboard where I put it to keep it away from the rats. It’s now in the freezer, killing any remaining ants, but still. If it’s not one thing, it’s the other. *growl*

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