Smart Rats (TM)

We have a SMART rat. We have at least two rats, but we only know that one is smart. One is trapped in the back part of the house, and so far, that one’s only managed to eat the soap. Ignores the rat brownie, but chomped on the soap. Or washes its paws. Or something. But definitely tears into the soap. And leaves marks all over it where the soap is now gone. Ack, I think I’m no longer making sense.

The other one, though. . .

I’ll stress the descriptive on the rat getting into our airtight container and stealing ALL the crackers.

The lid was on when I checked it. Empty, the container was.

Does that not qualify for smart in the rat kingdom?

Anyway. We went grocery shopping today. Fahim went wild on the killing implements. We got the requisite bug spray – we’ve been fighting ant encroachments like crazy here, plus the assorted cockroach, baby sized, and millipedes, and other assorted flying insects that apparently hurt when they bite. And we got sticky sticks that looks kinda like incense sticks that are supposed to attract flying insects. And we got a sticky board for the rats to get stuck to. And the shining treasure – we got rat poison that’s supposed to cause the rat’s eyes to hemorrhage so that they don’t die in enclosed spaces but out in the open.

Yay for hemmhoraging rat eyes!

(Fahim says, "You’re just a mean, mean, mean old woman!" as he reads what I typed.)

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