On plants

I planted some seeds (catnip, spearmint, chives) as well as garlic and ginger a little over a week ago. It appears that the catnip is starting to come up (unless it’s a weed I’m seeing), and so is a garlic.

Last night, there was no garlic coming up. This morning, it was an inch and a half high. Now, five hours later, it’s two and a half inches high. Welcome to the tropics!

I have no idea if the time to maturity is really going to apply to here. I suspect it’ll be cut down in time, but really, I have no idea. I am, however, keeping track of progress in a notebook so I know what’s going on. For my own information purposes, of course. *big grin*

There are a goodly number of plants in the front that were dying of neglect when we moved in. Don’t know their names yet, but generally speaking, they’re ones that y’all covet. Well, I’ve been watering them, and we’ve got lots of new growth showing. Yay! 😛

Author: LMAshton

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