Sticky Rat Board (TM) attracts . . . What????

So*, remember that rat sticky pad I mentioned earlier? Guess what happened?

Oh, and I should probably preface this with a couple of other comments. That back kitchen. A rat continues to eat the soap – or wash its paws *shrugs* – and has, finally, started nibbling on the rat brownie.

No dead rat back there, though.

Now for the rat sticky board. *very big grin* Guess what?

Two geckos are attached to it. They’re still living – I can see their tiny little lungs inflating and deflating. Poor guys! (Well, I haven’t actually taken a look under the tail to see if they’re blue or pink geckos, and since I can’t be bothered, I’m just going to call them whatever gender I feel like in the moment.) They sit there, stuck to the glue, unable to otherwise move.

But no rat.

No dead rats in a baggie.

There are no dead rats in our house today.

Uh, that we know of. Eek!

Author: LMAshton

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