Sri Lanka monks blame Colombo for explosion at Bollywood concert

Taken from India Daily

Dec. 13, 2004

Sri Lanka’s influential Buddhist clergy on Sunday blamed the government for the bomb explosion at Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan’s concert here, accusing it of not taking adequate security measures for the show. "We hold the government responsible for this attack. It is because they did not give adequate security that this happened," Buddhist monk legislator Omalpe Sobitha told reporters here. The all-clergy National Heritage Party (NHP) condemned last night’s attack on Shahrukh Khan’s mega musical show ”Temptation 2004”, which killed two people and injured 19 others, and said it underscored the poor security arrangements. "The government’s duty was to protect our Indian guests… If there was any harm to such popular Indian stars, there would have been very serious consequences for our country," the monk said. "The government knew that there were protests and should have taken adequate protection." He argued that every fan entering the Race Course was body searched while the entire carnival ground had been declared a sterile zone 24 hours in advance and no attack was possible without inside help. "Without help from a high level, this would not have been possible," Sobitha said. "Therefore the government must take total responsibility."

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