Fahim and his programs

It’s evidently been so long since I last installed a handy-dandy little utility of his that I forgot that it was Fahim’s. I’m talking about RenX, available on Fahim’s site. It’s a little utility that will rename more than one file at a time. Quite handy for when I want to rename my photos – or anything else for that matter.

I exclaim "One more program I need to install!" Fahim, ever sitting beside me as he works – yes, we’re two geek bachelors married to each other – asks which program, and after I tell him, he says something like, "You better not ask me for that one." I must have looked confused – I felt confused – because he then said, "Because you can go to the website and download it." "What’s the address?" I ask. "www.farook.org" he says. I burst out laughing.

I didn’t remember getting it from him.

Blog I know is his. Amanuensis I know is his. What other software am I running that he wrote? Oh, heck if I even know anymore!


Author: LMAshton
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