Christmas Party

Typical Sri Lankan time. It’s supposed to start at 5pm. It’s advertised as starting at 5pm. What time does it really start? 6pm.

Mormon Standard Time in Canada was ten or twenty minutes. This? Is ridiculous.

Nevertheless, and knowing that this would happen, I went anyway. I figured I’d enjoy myself in a social setting. It worked.

But now I’m really getting ahead of myself. I should tell you my reaction when I first saw the church.

Christmas lights were strung from the roof outside. They musta got a really really tall ladder to do it cuz it’s easily 30 or 40 feet up. And there are two pillars in the front of the church entrance, and they were both covered in straw.

My initial gut reaction? That’s not Christmas! (Think. Canada and Christmas. Snow and Pine Trees. Red stockings. Santa and Reindeer.) Then follow my thought processes as I think of where Christ was born – Bethlehem. In a manger. Where there was straw or hay or something like that. And very likely palm trees outside.

So. In fact, this Christmas decorating was much more authentic than anything I’ve ever experienced in Canada.


I enjoyed that.

Alright. So, I sat around and talked with various people, and then the programme begun. We sung a whole bunch of Christmas hymns and carols, and then went outside to play games. Instead of playing games, though, cuz I never play games, I conversed with various people. That’s my idea of a good time – standing on the outskirts of the crowd and talking. Yup. 🙂

I’d also had a headache for a couple of days, so I didn’t stay long, and by the time I’d left, nearly 8, the food hadn’t been served yet. I have no idea what was even on the menu – I only know that I went home and had dinner with Fahim.

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