Bomb explosion at Shahrukh concert

Bomb explosion at Shahrukh concert

PTI[ SUNDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2004 02:36:37 AM]

COLOMBO: At least two persons were killed and 15 injured when a bomb exploded at the fag end of a concert by Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan.

But the actor was, however, safe. The two dead in the blast were Sri Lankan fans – a 30-year old woman and a 22-year old man.

A number of children were among the wounded in the expolsion which ripped through Shahrukh Khan’s mega concert at Colombo’s former Race Course open air stadium.

The bomb ripped through the 10,000-rupee stands just as the Bollywood superstar ended his three-hour concert, police said, adding the Indian star and his troupe were unharmed.

The concert was held despite protests by Buddhist monks who said the musical show coincided with the first death anniversary of a popular monk.

"There were a lot of fireworks and everyone thought this was also part of that," a doctor at the hospital quoted one of the injured as saying. "Then we realised that we were bleeding."

Monks had later called off their protest following a written apology from Khan over the bad timing of what was billed as Sri Lanka’s biggest musical event of the year.

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