Project #365 Day 67 – Remedial Post

Fahim's belly button lint, Sri LankaYeah, I’m really not sure how many people will stop reading my blog over this, and yet I go ahead and post it anyway…

This is the picture I meant to post as my Project 365 photo for today. Sadly, I posted the other one first before I remembered, hence this second Project 365 post in one day.

It’s true, I have goldfish memory. And for that, I apologize.

I do not, however, apologize for posting this picture of Fahim’s belly button lint. Entirely. Uh, nope.

I know, I know, you think I’m odd. That is definitely true. It’s also true that Fahim is at least as odd as me. He did, after all, tell me that he had belly button lint. And he did, after all, help me photograph his belly button lint, including, but not limited to, him posing his belly button for me to photograph.

He’s such a dear, isn’t he? 😛

Author: LMAshton
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